2016 m. rugsėjo 12 d., pirmadienis

Old blog, new leaf

A lot has changed in my life. This blog is changing too. Although it is turning a new leaf, I deliberately decided to keep this old website for my new posts. Why? To show you how I grow! I started this blog ages ago, and never really knew what it was about. I do now! Stay with me, I can not wait to tell you all about what is coming.

When I read amazing blogs I always wonder, how people got to where they are. I scroll to the very first post, and it is already amazing, so I just assume that the authors have always been great writers. It is not like it though, is it?

Well, here you have a chance to see my old posts, some of which are really just about nothing. However, you would never waste your time if you read them. I might not be super proud of them, but they are what I had written and they will stay here. I hope you enjoy reading them!

Now, what is this new blog about? About London! I moved here just over a month ago. If you think that it is not a big deal, well you might just think the opposite then, because it is. A Lithuanian, who grew up in a small town surrounded by nature spends 4 years living in windy Aberdeen, a year in beautiful cultural Dresden and ends up moving to London. I am not one of those people who always wanted to live the big city life. Not at all! Give me nature, rain and sun and I will be the happiest girl in the village. What brought me here, then?

The idea of graduating and becoming an adult was as scary as that monster living under the bed when you were 5. Or 15, does not really matter here. Instead of accepting it, I decided to be a student for another year. Of course, I considered failing my exams and just staying at Aberdeen University for another year. However, the odds were (not?) in my favor and I managed to get into City, University of London (they recently changed their name into this super fancy sounding one) MA International Journalism programme. As scary as adulthood seemed, the idea of moving to London and doing my dream studies was ever more so.

However, a month later, I am still here, still alive and ready to tell you how I managed to survive, find a flat (good luck for everyone who is looking for it!), get a job and even make some friends (of course I was sure that nobody would like me, come on). I will tell you all about it in this blog!

See you soon, my lovely chipmunks.

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