2016 m. spalio 25 d., antradienis

How Aberdeen Library spoiled my future expectations for any libraries

I started studying at University of Aberdeen in 2011. The same year, The Sir Duncan Rice library was built. Just a library then, it got its fancy name later. Also, I can swear it was the same year, although internet says that it was officially opened in 2012, and I can’t argue with internet. Merely because it doesn’t respond to my arguments.

2016 m. spalio 19 d., trečiadienis

Flat hunting continues - welcome back to Eastern Europe

It didn’t take me long to arrange another viewing. Next day, I was already stepping into the underground hell that got me to a nice quiet neighbourhood in West London. Maybe a little too quiet, I thought.

2016 m. spalio 4 d., antradienis

Flat Nr 1, Part 2: a Room for Bed and Slippers

A tall, tanned woman comes to me and apologizes for being late. Her body language and looks distract me so much that I do not even care that I had been standing in this potentially crime scene for almost an hour.