2016 m. rugsėjo 27 d., antradienis

Flat nr 1, Part 1: Living in a music video

Flat hunting sounds like fun. Part of it is hunting, after all, and that‘s something even royals take pleasure in. Hence, I was ready for some fun. Worried, as my paranoid nature requires, nevertheless excited.

2016 m. rugsėjo 19 d., pirmadienis

Off the Rails

Buzzing with excitement about moving to London, I started flat hunting as soon as I arrived. After joining all possible room renting social media communities, my e-mail account got flooded with all sorts of room offers from agents and with computer generated recommendations. It seemed that with such wide spectrum of choice I could fill up my calendar with flat viewings each day for another year. However, I wanted to find my new home as soon as possible, as staying at a friend’s place was fun, but not ideal.

2016 m. rugsėjo 12 d., pirmadienis

Old blog, new leaf

A lot has changed in my life. This blog is changing too. Although it is turning a new leaf, I deliberately decided to keep this old website for my new posts. Why? To show you how I grow! I started this blog ages ago, and never really knew what it was about. I do now! Stay with me, I can not wait to tell you all about what is coming.