2016 m. spalio 25 d., antradienis

How Aberdeen Library spoiled my future expectations for any libraries

I started studying at University of Aberdeen in 2011. The same year, The Sir Duncan Rice library was built. Just a library then, it got its fancy name later. Also, I can swear it was the same year, although internet says that it was officially opened in 2012, and I can’t argue with internet. Merely because it doesn’t respond to my arguments.

Anyway, the library was great. Compared to my school library, which had about 500 books, this one was majestic. Seven-story building, all modern, has a water fountain, bathrooms and carpet on every floor. What could an 18 y/o student want more in her independent life?

Of course, it was annoying that hardly ever could you find an unoccupied computer. Toilets were out of order most of the time. Rarely would all the lifts work at once. You would have to queue to get through the gate and the wind would blow you away while trying to get to the building.  

And still, in what other library would bake sales be your lunch? Where else would you fight the urge to drop something from the top floor just to see how it lands on the ground floor? Where else would you get to enjoy the view of dozens of oil ships lined up on the horizon?

The worst thing is, that now I can't enjoy any other libraries. They're not bright, not white and not big enough. And I can't challenge myself to run down the stairs from the 7th floor. 
Where did you go, low expectations? Come back, in need you in the world full of old libraries, 


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